The American football part is important, but all the other parts of the Super Bowl seem to be what people talk about the most.

Like, the ads, the “dilemma” with Taylor Swift, and the famous halftime show. To be honest, I’m still not over Rihanna’s twerking from last year.

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Along with the ad where David and Victoria Beckham make fun of each other, Uber Eats also gave us a very awkward meeting between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer for this year’s Super Bowl. Here is where you can watch it:

The Beckhams forget who the Spice Girls are, and now these two stars “forget they are friends.”

Aniston is on a movie set when she gets an Uber Eats bag with flowers and shopping in it. This starts a bunch of funny clips of people buying from the service and forgetting something simple.

And Aniston forgets something pretty mean when Schwimmer shows up with a: “Jen?” “Hey!” and hugs her.

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He pushes her away, though, and she asks, “Um, have we met?”


It’s clear that it’s just a joke about the delivery service’s theme song, “whatever you forget,” but die-hard Friends fans will still find it hard to watch.

Aniston asks her co-star to “give her a hint” as he insists, “Worked together for 10 years,” which is very funny.

Of course, they played Rachel Green and Ross Geller on the hit American sitcom for 10 seasons. When the show finished in 2004, they finally got together on screen.

But the ad Aniston says, “10 years!” “You were wonderful.” Schwartz yells at her, “You still don’t know do you?”

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She says, “I don’t,” and then rolls her eyes and thinks to herself, “Like I’d forget 10 years of my life.”

Schwimmer ends with a funny line: “I hate this town.”

Also, USHER is said to not know that he just played the halftime show at the end of the ad.

Fans of Friends (or even people who have never heard of the show) know that Aniston and Schwimmer’s personalities are not easy to forget.

It’s hard to forget the line “We were on a break.”

“Remember when you used to be a Pepper Lady?” David asks in the Beckhams skit.

Victoria, who is wearing a T-shirt that says “David’s wife,” asks, “Wasn’t it the Cinnamon Sisters?” Or the Paprika Girls?”

David, though, says, “No, that’s silly.”