Matthew Perry had numerous skeletons in his closet before his untimely demise, according to a new revelation.

The “Friends” actor lied about his sobriety for years and has a history of abuse, three unnamed sources told Us Weekly in a shocking cover story released Wednesday.

“He was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive,” one insider claimed, labeling Perry a “manipulative” individual.

“All he knew how to do was cause pain and play the victim,” the person alleged.

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A second insider, however, disputed to the magazine that the “Fools Rush In” star was a “horrible human being” and instead claimed that his addiction had “warped” him.

Perry estimated in October 2022 that he had spent $9 million attempting to get sober, and that he had been substance-free for 18 months.

Perry had been forthcoming about his addiction struggles.

Police discovered various prescribed pharmaceuticals in his residence following his death at the age of 54 in October 2023, including antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and COPD meds, but no illegal substances.

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Initial testing revealed that Perry had no fentanyl or meth in his system when he died in his hot tub, and the final autopsy report blamed his death on the “acute effects of ketamine,” a substance used to treat depression.

According to Us Weekly, some of the actor’s inner circle had concerns about how he died.

“Everybody close to Matthew was saying he died from an overdose,” the insider claimed, adding that Perry’s friends believed he had never really dealt with his mental health issues and would “isolate” himself.

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According to the first source, the sitcom star’s addiction spun out of control, and he “crashed his Aston Martin many times while high.”

“He just damaged the car and no one was hurt, [but] he did not consider [that] he could have killed someone,” the source said.

There are paparazzi images of Perry driving about in the luxury automobile, but no reports of accidents.

Page Six also contacted the Los Angeles Police Department for comment, but it was unable to corroborate the claims owing to a lack of information about the claimed incidents and where they occurred.

The latest article also described how Perry’s issues affected his relationships, with one insider telling Us Weekly that the “Whole Nine Yards” star even had a violent altercation with addiction expert Morgan Moses, a close friend.

“He threw [Moses] into a wall, threw something at her, and shoved her onto a bed,” the insider said of the alleged March 2022 incident.

According to the source, Perry was known for punching walls, flipping tables, and throwing things during angry outbursts.

According to the source, Perry allegedly said Moses, “‘If I wanted to hurt you, I would have,'” during the purported dispute.

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A second insider, who also claimed to be aware of the alleged fight, stated Perry expressed regret and was “mortified.”

“He was panicking because the person who was always by his side had left him,” said a source.

The first insider continued, “Morgan was his best friend, and he burned it down. He pushed her to the breaking point. He would become enraged about minor issues and then change the story to make himself the victim.

According to the first source, Moses, Perry’s “live-in sober companion,” was not the only one who witnessed the “17 Again” star’s alleged aggressive behavior.

The insider claimed that a lady in her early twenties threatened to sue Perry in 2020 for emotional and psychological abuse after he “got her addicted to drugs, including oxycodone and painkillers.”

However, a third person who supposedly knew the lady told Us Weekly that substance misuse played a significant role in the couple’s separation.

“The age difference of someone in their early 20s and late 40s and early 50s — there’s a power play in that,” a source familiar with the matter said. “I think he took a lot of advantage of her because he got her hooked on drugs.”

That insider apparently corroborated the ex’s legal threats, stating, “She settled, [and] there was an NDA.” I believe it was a technique for her to avoid sharing her experiences with him.

According to the second source, Perry used his relationships with women to assist him get drugs.

“He would use FaceTime to get to know them. Then it would be like, ‘Let’s hang out,’ and he would say, ‘Come to my house,'” according to the person.

“He wasn’t seen in public anymore. “That’s how he got things past people.”

Despite the allegations, Perry’s longtime friend and co-star Jennifer Aniston painted a totally different picture of the actor’s condition in the days leading up to his death.

The 54-year-old “Morning Show” star told Variety in December, “I was literally texting with him that morning, funny Matty.” He wasn’t in pain. Not struggling. “He was pleased.”

A woman called Athenna Crosby, who was spotted dining with the “Serving Sara” star the day before his death, repeatedly stated that he was in excellent spirits and had not relapsed.

In November, the model, 25, told Fox News Digital, “He was 100 percent sober when he passed.”

She also said of their interaction, which was captured by a fellow diner, “He was extremely positive, sober, acting normal, spoke very well, did not give me any impression that he was under drugs or alcohol of any kind.”


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