Ray J says it’s all too much for him to handle, and he’s considering suicide after nearly getting into a street brawl at a BET Awards afterparty.

Ray poured out his feelings in a frightening social media post in which he addresses a confrontation that occurred backstage at Sunday night’s BET Awards at the Peacock Theater in downtown Los Angeles, saying, “The s**t that. Is Happening is mind-blowing; it’s making me suicidal and uncomfortable with my perception of reality!”

His Monday morning post came just hours after he was embroiled in a standoff outside GloRilla’s BET Awards afterparty. Ray and a Zeus Network executive were ranting about fighting each other as bodyguards desperately fought to keep the peace. Ray threw a punch but did not strike anyone. Ray once took a rucksack from his vehicle and charged back into the crowd; it’s unknown what was in the bag, but his team was able to persuade him to get back in the car, and they drove away without incident.

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It’s evident that Ray J is thinking about more than just the battle. He also complained about BET keeping him out of the award show, wondering… “I don’t know who they didn’t want me to see — it was weird.”

Separately, he protested, “They paid me to shut up, and I did! I FEEL BAD AND HATED MYSELF FOR IT! “I don’t want any more of your dirty money!!”

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Disturbingly, he also says farewell and apologizes to his sister, Brandy, and makes vague promises… “I will make it right, I won’t let them get away with it!”

Ray J’s loved ones were also concerned about him in October 2022, when, as previously documented, he made many posts discussing suicide while perched on a ledge.

We’ve contacted those around Ray J to see whether he’s okay and to find out what’s eating him.