Drake still looks like he’s putting things together while Kendrick Lamar keeps taking his long victory lap.

Kung Fu Kenny has been very powerful throughout their feud, and the Pop Out was just one example of this. It was such a huge win that it brought the whole West Coast hip-hop scene back together. At the same time, Drake is still moving in a strange way while being by himself. From his bad work on “U My Everything” and “Wah Gwan Delilah” to his habit of following Mustard’s ex-wife on Instagram, he keeps going downhill. You can now vote in polls for Drake to choose the best trash track from the “twenty-v-one” with Kendrick.

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The question came from an Instagram account called thegoodrappage. They put it up over the weekend, and it has four of the seven disses. The person specifically put in “euphoria”, “Family Matters”, “Not Like Us” and “meet the grahams”. In general, these records seem to be the ones that most people agree are the best.

You can see Drake’s Instagram handle, champagnepapi, at the bottom of the poll. It looks like he was one of 8,335 people who voted. The person who made the poll even knew who the shocking voter was because thegoodrappage posted a picture of proof on his Instagram Story. People on social media are really into this and trying to guess what song Drake might have picked. Some people think he voted for one of his own to try to get more votes since “Family Matters” only got 6%. Some people, though, don’t think it’s impossible that he chose the wrong Kendrick song. Thank goodness, Drizzy will never know that specific information.