Dot isn’t done making fun of Drake.

On June 10th, Kendrick Lamar set the rap world ablaze. At the “Ken and Friends” concert, he gave a riveting performance. He not only announced an incredible guest list, but he also continued to criticize Drake with his platform. During his performance of the diss track “Euphoria,” the Compton rapper changed the lyrics and addressed the 6 God directly, defying the plan. The takeaway? Never treat 2Pac disrespectfully.

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Kendrick Lamar removed the line “Euphoria” “Matter of fact, I ain’t even bleed him yet, can I bleed him.” It was replaced with a significantly more damning statement that confirmed our collective suspicions. He has no regard for Drake. “Give me Tupac’s ring back and I might give you a little respect,” he said. Drake purchased the ring in question back in 2023. According to Billboard, the Toronto rapper paid $1 million for the relic. He has worn the ring to multiple interviews and displayed it on Instagram. Drake acquired Pharrell’s jewelry for $2.6 million, making a comparable purchase. In fact, he showed off the latter in the “Family Matters” film. For Kendrick Lamar, these purchases were a letdown.

It’s evident from the Compton rapper that 2Pac is an icon in the music industry. Some of Lamar’s most incensed bars are influenced by the idea that Drake is the owner of one of Pac’s most valuable items. “You think the Bay gon’ let you disrespect ‘Pac, n**ga?,” he said. “Not Like Us.” Even before he began rapping, Dot had a deep respect for 2Pac. He said that as a child, he went to see the “California Love” video set. Years later, he ended his iconic album To Pimp a Butterfly with a rare interview with ‘Pac. In 2015, Dot also wrote a memorial to the deceased rapper. He recalled, “I first saw you when I was eight years old.” “At that point, I was unable to articulate my feelings. So many feelings. bursting with enthusiasm. both happy and eager. Twenty years later, I know exactly how that feeling felt. Motivated.”

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During the “Pop Out” performance, Kendrick Lamar completed the circle of the Pac experience. When Dr. Dre joined him on stage, they sang “California Love” together. Naturally, Dre rapped his stanza before Dot filled in for 2Pac. Carrying the torch is something to talk about. In 2024, Kendrick Lamar’s devotion to 2Pac has somewhat diminished. He has spent the last six months demonizing Drake, and at the “Pop Up” show, he persisted in doing so. Lamar created and marketed t-shirts that alluded to his now-famous “New Ho King” bar from “Euphoria.”