According to a group of conspiracy theorists who claim to have receipts, the new Kate Middleton video, which shows her appearing for the first time since Christmas, is fake and not her.

TMZ’s footage, recorded over the weekend, shows Kate looking healthy and joyful as she walks out of a grocery store with husband Prince William.

They highlight out Kate’s height in comparison to William. Kate has previously been described as being shorter than she seems in the new footage. Kate’s eyeline is closer to William’s nose in the new video than it was in prior images.

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What’s fascinating is that Kate wears flats in both the old shot and the current video, leading some online to suspect the new video is a hoax.

Now there could be an explanation… in the old shot, Kate appears to be slumped over, yet in the current video, she holds her head up.

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The social media crew also says her hairline and chin are different. They claim her chin appears stronger in the older shot. On the other side, she appears thinner than before, which could explain her slimmer face characteristics.

Another factor causes online sleuths to suspect the film was shot over the holiday season rather than over the weekend. Check out the shed, which is decorated with Christmas lights and garland. However, we took a second snapshot on Monday, and the lights and garland are still visible.

Kate is recovering from stomach surgery, according to the palace, but her stride seems robust as she walks out of the store with a shopping bag.

We examined the information on the new video, which revealed that it was filmed on Saturday near the royal couple’s house in Windsor.

We discussed it all in the most recent edition of The TMZ audio, which is available on all audio platforms.