The New York Jets are apparently angry with Aaron Rodgers when it was revealed that he was the frontrunner to be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running partner for President.

“It’s absurd to think he can campaign and play at the same time,” a team source told the Daily Mail. “Lots of the coaches and players want Aaron to commit to the team and worry about winning the Super Bowl over a chance to be in the White House,” a different source said.

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Rodgers is projected to be the Jets’ starting quarterback when the 2024 season begins later this year. The organization has already given Zach Wilson permission to seek a trade, while Tyrod Taylor was recently signed to backup Rodgers. Rodgers is reportedly being considered by Kennedy, along with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Keendy is launching a long-shot independent campaign after dropping from the Democratic Primary against Joe Biden. Kennedy Jr., JFK’s nephew, is a well-known anti-vaccine activist. However, he has never held a governmental position.

Rodgers won the Jets’ “Most Inspirational Player” award last season. The other players voted on the award. “I’ve said it a million times: he loves his teammates, and they adore him. He’s extremely deliberate in how he approaches everyone in the building. He is a wonderful human being who is quite thoughtful in his actions. “Aaron is very deserving of this award,” head coach Robert Salah stated.

Rodgers is not only regarded as a “ideal” teammate, but his quick recovery from a torn Achilles has acted as motivation for the rest of the team. While Rodgers eventually admitted he was not ready to play again, his return to practice barely two and a half months after having surgery to heal his torn Achilles was nothing short of amazing. Despite this, Rodgers stated that he would return to play for the team if they were still in postseason contention.