A week after their public fight started, Jimmy Kimmel went all in on NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers in his first late-night monologue of 2024.

The New York Jets quarterback said earlier this month that he would be happy if Jeffrey Epstein’s damning associates list included the longtime late-night star. He made this suggestion during an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.” That was not the case a week later, and one Epstein list publication later.

Echoing his earlier statement in reaction to Rodgers’ assertion, Kimmel stated on Monday, “Of course my name wasn’t on it, and isn’t on it and will never be on it.” “I have never met Jeffrey Epstein, so I don’t know him. I was never on an island, on a plane, or anywhere else. I’m not on a list.

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Kimmel informed his audience that he and those closest to him suffer from conspiracy theories over the company he keeps (ahem, “Pizzagate”). He claimed that Rodgers has simply made matters worse in that regard.

Kimmel had previously made jabs at the football player before this Monday’s monologue. The late-night host made light of Rodgers’ “wacko idea” in March 2023, stating that stories regarding UFOs were intended to divert attention away from the Epstein list. Additionally, Rodgers was already reprimanded by Kimmel for his divisive remarks regarding the COVID-19 vaccine in 2021.

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“Aaron Rodgers thinks highly of himself; he considers himself to be an extraordinary being because he had success on the football field,” Kimmel said. He sincerely believes that he is smarter than everyone else since God endowed him with the skill to toss a ball. He finds it incomprehensible that his intelligence is only mediocre.

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Further mocking Rodgers’ intelligence (“Aaron received two A’s on his report card, they were both in the name “Aaron”) and his side gigs (“They let him host “Jeopardy!” for two weeks, now he knows everything”), Kimmel’s harsh remarks didn’t end there.

“Aaron Rodgers is too conceited to realize how ignorant he is,” he continued.

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Even while Kimmel stated that he believes in sportsmen sharing their thoughts on topics unrelated to sports, he made it clear that calling someone a pedophile is neither an opinion nor trash talk. Although there have been plenty of sarcastic remarks and caustic commentary on the late-night program over the past 20 years, host Jimmy Kimmel emphasized that “we don’t make up lies” and acknowledged the writers and fact-checkers who contribute to each episode.

In closing, the late-night celebrity said that if Rodgers apologized, he would forget about the controversy. He did admit, though, that it might not be likely.

“I hope I’m wrong, but my guess is he won’t apologize,” Kimmel remarked.

Rodgers made his weekly visit on McAfee’s show on Tuesday, and Kimmel was right when she said that the quarterback for the New York Jets did not offer an apology. On the other hand, Rodgers asserted that he had never mentioned Kimmel being on the Epstein list.

“Even though you think I’m an idiot and you’ve made a lot of comments about my intelligence, I’m not stupid enough to accuse you of that with absolutely zero evidence, concrete evidence,” Rodgers continued. “I totally understand how serious an allegation of pedophilia would be, so for him to be upset about that, I get it.” That is absurd.

According to Rodgers, Kimmel mentioned something in the previous year that the ten-time Pro Bowler took to mean that Rodgers was a conspiracy theorist for thinking there was a list of Epstein’s clients’ identities. Rogers went on to say that his comment from last week was related to that.

“I remarked that many people, including Jimmy Kimmel (I’m repeating myself here), are really hoping that doesn’t come out. On Tuesday, Rodgers commented on his remark from the previous week. “The whole quote is what I stated. I meant to say that, regardless of what he and other media figures have said, if a list exists and names appear on it, that would be the second time that a dimwitted, junior college student, wacko, antivax, antisemite, propagandist, disseminator of false information, conspiracy theorist, and MAGA would be proven correct twice.

“I really am happy that Jimmy is not on the list,” Rodgers continued. Furthermore, I don’t believe he is the p-word. I hope the best for him. Once more, I couldn’t care less what he says about me. However, I’m good for moving forward as long as he realizes what I really stated and that I’m not accusing him of being on a list.


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