According to Mathew Perry’s foundation, thieves accessed his X account in order to carry out a stealthy crypto contribution scheme via a bogus website.

A link recently marketed as encouraging would-be contributors to make donations to the late actor’s foundation instead linked to a counterfeit site — but The Matthew Perry Foundation lost no time pointing out the scam as completely fraudulent, while regaining control of his social media accounts.

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Matthew Perry Foundation Statement

They wrote on Instagram Monday… “We have received reports that Matthew’s official X page has been hacked and is directing users to a fraudulent site soliciting cryptocurrency donations”… before urging people not to fall for the scam and spreading the fake social media post.

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They also stated that was the only legitimate website affiliated with the organization, and that any others should not be believed or donated to.

The identity of the scammers behind the fake post is unknown for the time being… and it’s also unclear how many individuals donated through the phony link and how much they lost. The post in question has been removed from X.

The Matthew Perry Foundation was established in MP’s honor to help those struggling with addiction, a subject close to the late actor’s heart.

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He courageously addressed his own difficulties with alcohol and opiate addiction, even frankly recording his own sobriety path in his 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.”

TMZ broke the story… Perry, a “Friends” actor, died in October after his assistant discovered his body floating in a hot tub at his Los Angeles home.

The coroner conducted an autopsy and determined Perry died as a result of the “acute effects of ketamine,” an anesthetic used to treat depression. The autopsy report cited drowning as a secondary cause of death.