Fans of Paramore were alarmed when the band abruptly deleted their website and all of their social media accounts.

When an artist takes a risk like this, it usually indicates one of two things: either a major project is on the horizon, or something horrible has happened and they have decided to end their career.

The group released the singles “This Is Why” and “Running Out Of Time” in addition to their most recent album, This Is Why, which was released in February 2023.

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The new songs have been well received by the fans, however all official Paramore social media information has vanished overnight.

The band’s X and Instagram profiles are still up, but they have been completely deleted, leaving only a link to the band’s website, which currently shows the error message “404 Not Found.”

The lead vocalist Hayley Williams’ Instagram and personal website have both experienced the same removal of content, with a 404 error message appearing on both platforms.

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Fans may not have expected the band to give them the Christmas present they were looking for, given the abrupt change made in the midst of the holiday season.

The social media purge occurs barely two weeks after drummer Zac Farro of Paramore said, “Paramore is always with us,” in an interview with Uproxx. Everywhere we go.

Their social media disappearance wasn’t the result of a disaster, as Farro added in the interview that he hoped to ‘keep building the Paramore empire and then rule the world’. The band is still scheduled to support Taylor Swift on her Eras tour the following year.

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Fans have been forced to wonder, though, as there has been no official announcement to support that theory.

Supporters of Paramore have flocked to Reddit to voice their opinions about the situation; many have cited the band’s assertion that they are now “free agents” since they have completed all of their label duties.

“It’s probably the record company that kept those accounts up to date,” a fan wrote. Their record company is no longer obligated to cover things if they have terminated their contract.

“If the band wants to have an online presence, they have to pay someone to do it or do it themselves.”

Someone else pointed out: “It’s become a relatively common thing for artists to nuke all their socials before starting a new era/album cycle etc.”

Others have voiced optimism that Paramore will remain together. One Reddit user stated: “I believe that if they were truly going to break up, they would just announce it.” They clearly have a close bond with their fans, so I doubt they would be mysterious about splitting up.

We’ll just have to wait and see whether Paramore chooses to comment on their decision, leaving the rest of the world in suspense.


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