A shocking new lawsuit claims that Marilyn Manson lured and frequently sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl in the 1990s.

After inviting her on his tour bus following a Dallas concert in September 1995, the shock rocker allegedly first attacked the girl, who was later threatened with death if “she told anyone,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Nassau County Supreme Court and obtained by a source. The girl is identified as Jane Doe in the document.

According to the complaint, Manson—whose actual name is Brian Warner—started calling the girl “within weeks” and requesting that she “submit explicit sexual images ofher and her pals to his fan club, Satan’s Bakesale.”

The lawsuit says that after Manson, now 54, invited her to a gig in New Orleans in December 1995, he returned to the vehicle and “became more aggressive and again sexually abused [her], including kissing, biting her breast, oral copulation and penetration.”

There were supposedly other members of Manson’s group on the bus on both occasions.

The victim claims that she was “lured into [Manson’s] dark world of drugs, booze, sexual deviance, harassment, abuse and assault” at that point and developed a drug and alcohol addiction.

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The lawsuit states that after accepting Manson’s invitation to join him on tour in 1999 when she was 19 years old, he “continued to groom and sexually assault [her] for the next 4 weeks,” and that he “often coerced Plaintiff to have sex with him and other band members or his assistant at the same time.” In addition to giving the plaintiff narcotics, [Manson] regulated what the plaintiff could do, who could touch her, and whom he wanted her to have intercourse with.

The lawsuit also names Manson’s record labels, Nothing Records and Interscope, stating that they “knew or should have known that [Manson] had a history of supplying narcotics to female fans he permitted backstage, aboard the bus, and in hotel rooms, and sexually assaulting juveniles and women.”

Additionally, it states that the labels “were well-aware of [his] fascination with sexual violence and childhood sexual assault” and that they “knew the performer was inviting youngsters aboard his van after gigs.”

According to a source cited by Doe’s lawyer, Karen Barth Menzies, “Sexual predators in the music industry don’t act alone. To support and defend the artists who conduct these horrific deeds, a network of people is necessary.

“We need to take more action than merely holding predators accountable if we want to see real improvements in the music business. The record labels must be made to accept responsibility for enabling and profiting from outrageous criminal behavior as well as to acknowledge the crimes they condone and, in some cases, facilitate.

Doe is requesting an order prohibiting Manson and his labels from “exposing juveniles and vulnerable adults to sexual abuse and exploitation” in addition to unspecified damages to be assessed at trial.

Howard King, the lawyer for Manson, and representatives from Nothing Records and Interscope didn’t respond right away.

Just a week ago, he and “Game of Thrones” actress Esmé Bianco reached an agreement to resolve the lawsuit she brought against him in 2021. This is the first complaint with allegations of sex crimes from the early years of Manson’s career.

In the popular HBO series, Bianco, who played Ros, had alleged that Manson had drugged, tormented, and sexually raped her.

She said that the metal singer gave her drugs and booze, electrified her, and whipped her with a whip that he claimed was “used by the Nazis” when he invited her to appear in his 2009 music video for “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies.”

In Bianco’s lawsuit, Manson was also accused of cutting her “with a Nazi knife during sex, without her consent, and photographing the cuts on her body” and of even chasing her down with an axe.

According to the complaint, Manson continued to sexually assault Bianco in 2011 without her permission. “These acts include slapping, biting, slashing and whipping Ms. Bianco’s buttocks, breasts and genitals for Mr. Warner’s sexual enjoyment,” the complaint stated.

Manson vehemently refuted the allegations. It is unknown what was agreed upon in the settlement that was struck outside of court.

When actress Evan Rachel Wood alleged on Instagram in 2021 that Manson had molested her, he denied the charge and more than a dozen women came forward to accuse him of doing so. Manson filed a defamation lawsuit against Wood, but she stood by her assertions and declared, “I have the truth on my side.”

The Phoenix Act, which increases the rights of victims of domestic violence to file lawsuits, was co-written by Bianco, 40, and Wood, 35.

“I understand that on or around February 1, 2021, [Evan Rachel] Wood posted to Instagram that I was her abuser, and shortly thereafter, a number of other women simultaneously emerged with false public accusations against me of abuse, assault, rape, threats, trafficking, and the like,” Manson has stated in a court declaration.

“These women include Esme Bianco, Jane Doe, Ashley Walters, Ashley Morgan Smithline, and more. I had consenting relationships with these women to the extent that I did.

I never mistreated, assaulted, raped, threatened, or trafficked any of these ladies, despite what they claim, he continued. Their allegations of abuse, assault, rape, threats, and the like against me are categorically untrue.

A judge dismissed Smithline’s lawsuit against Manson earlier this month after she had previously accused him of abusing and raping her during the course of their two-year, on-and-off relationship.

Smithline was instructed to hire a new attorney when her previous one withdrew from the case, but she failed to do so. As a result, the model’s lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice, meaning she is free to resubmit it in the future.


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