After being invited to perform on stage beside a major country musician, a Hawk Tuah girl may go on a new and unexpected career.

The Hawk Tuah girl, whose real name is Hailey Welch, recently became viral for her views on what moves make men go crazy in bed.

When asked the subject in a video by YouTubers Tim & Dee TV, she famously responded: “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing, you get me?”

Hailey has not only become a social media sensation, but she has also been able to cash in on her newfound fame, selling over $65,000 in ‘Hawk Tuah’ goods.

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Hailey’s stardom has risen to new heights as she was invited to perform with hit country musician Zach Bryan in Nashville Friday night (June 29).

She joined the singer in singing the song ‘Revival’.

However, her performance on stage has divided opinions.

“We make the wrong people famous,” one user said on a TikTok video of Hailey on stage that was making the rounds online.

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“Lost faith in the world a long time ago,” said a second.

“I’m officially over this,” another individual wrote.

Others were more excited by Hailey’s sudden entrance on stage.

“Best finale I’ve ever seen,” declared one concertgoer.

A second person said, “This is iconic as hell.”

“Some people are just living the dream,” a third said.

Her appearance on stage comes after the viral celebrity appeared to have gone into ‘virtual hiding’ following her sudden fame.

Apparently, the entire situation has left the young woman feeling ‘overwhelmed’.

Jason Poteete, Hailey’s business partner and owner of Fathead Threads, which produces her unique products, told Rolling Stone, “She’s probably one of the most well-known people in the world at this point.” But I’m not sure if she’s embraced it.

He went on to say that she has been ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of attention she has received and has asked that her face not be shown on the items.

Jason went on to explain that Hailey ‘hasn’t gotten a dollar’ from the video that went viral, but he wanted to collaborate with her so that she could profit from her newfound fame.

“No one asked for her permission to do nothing. I just wanted her to make a profit from this arrangement,” he claimed.

There were claims that the school teacher lost her job as a result of her NSFW statements, however this was later proven to be inaccurate.