Khloe Kardashian refuses to be Kim Kardashian’s punching bag, and during a heated disagreement, tiny sis put big sis in her place.

On Thursday’s episode of their Hulu show, Kim confronted Khloe about her dismissive tone. Kim tried to settle the air before the family left for Aspen on vacation, but she ended up making many digs at Khloe.

According to Kim, Khloe judged her for not washing Chicago’s hair, taking it upon herself to style the child’s ‘do. However, Khloe believed the criticism was undeserved, accusing Kim of projecting her anxieties onto her.

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She added… “It sounds like you’re dealing with a bunch of your own bulls* and you decided to harvest this and build up all this animosity towards me, when this is a you f*ing problem.”

Though Khloe assured Kim that she was not attempting to disgrace her, she refused to participate in the drama, ordering her sister to “slap me or something” and get over it.

As you would expect, this further fueled the hatred; watch the video to see Kim blast Khloe for having “a stick up [her] ass” and spending all of her time with family.

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Kim stated that Khloe needed to be laid in order to break free from her rigorous schedule, prompting Khloe to refer to Kim as “a petty little bitch.”

Of course, all of this drama spilled over to Aspen, where the sisters fought again in front of their mother, Kris Jenner, and sister Kendall Jenner.

Another day, another disagreement within this famous family!!!