The 2014 film Gone Girl gained great accolades upon its debut, with fans going crazy over one moment in particular.

The film, based on the book of the same name, starred a large ensemble that included Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Emily Ratajkowski, and Neil Patrick Harris, among others.

It went on to be nominated for several top accolades, including an Oscar and a BAFTA.

Ten years after its premiere, Gone Girl has an outstanding 87 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Affleck’s nude moment may have contributed to the film’s popularity.

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In the scene in question, Affleck’s character Nick Dunne enters the shower, and you see a little more than you may think.

Many performers use prosthetics in naked sequences, such as Tom Pelphrey in A Man in Full. However, Affleck claims that it was his personal appendage that was seen on TV.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2014, he stated of Gone Girl: “I want to take this moment to thank David [Fincher] for the way he treated me.

“In instance, we had a shower scene in the film. And David reassured me, because trust is vital with directors and actors: “Listen, if we tilt down, we will never see anything.” So thank you, David.

“And thank you for keeping the set cool. Because if you only have one chance to show America your junk, it should be frigid. It’s a genuine gift.

Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s then-wife and fellow actor, also discusses his penis being in the film.

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Garner joked with Ellen DeGenerous on her show, “What I have to say is – you’re welcome.”

“You know, I try to consider myself a charitable person and I wanted to give back,” she continued.

Recalling the time Affleck came home and told her about the shower scene, the mother of three said, “It was a discussion. It was like, ‘Hey, um, at work today [director David] Fincher coaxed me into coming out of the shower.’

“And I was like, ‘Cool, well I hope he had on a wide lens’.”

Garner and Affleck ended their 13-year marriage in 2018.

They have three children together: Violet, 18; Fin, 15; and Samuel, 12.

Affleck has now married former flame Jennifer Lopez, and Garner has been linked to American businessman John Miller.