Artificial intelligence is known for producing six-fingered hands. In most cases, the extra number is a frightening difficulty to solve.

But for KFC, it was a perfect marketing opportunity—or so the brand believed. “The more fingers you have… the more fingers you can lick,” the fried chicken chain claimed in a bizarre recent social media post.

The post was part of a promotion promoting KFC’s new spicy chicken nuggets. The chain asked its fans to create AI photos of hands with more than five fingers. “At KFC, we believe that when you have the most finger-lickin’ good nuggets ever, you must give them the fingers they deserve,” the brand’s Instagram post reads.

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It was a great idea in theory. A zeitgeist-like technology. Chicken nuggets. A classic slogan. What might go wrong? It turns out, quite a lot. Leo Burnett’s campaign did not generate any buzz. But the buzz it generated was… not fantastic.

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“Imagine paying artists for their services,” one commenter suggested.

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“What a mediocre idea,” commented another.

“Bring back potato wedges and the OG Twister wrap,” a displeased commenter urged.

KFC joins a long list of brands that have failed to capitalize on generative AI. Fortunately for KFC, the business debuted its new product with a 15-second commercial featuring real five-fingered hands handling the nuggets. While AI is excellent at certain activities, it is often wise to leave things like eating chicken to humans.