TikTok intends to pursue legal action in response.

President Joe Biden has signed legislation that enables TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, 270 days to sell the platform. If they do not comply, TikTok will be effectively removed from US app shops and internet hosting services. However, if the US government believes the corporation is taking acceptable efforts toward a sale as the window closes, Biden can extend the deadline for another 90 days. The bill is supported by considerably more legislators than just Biden. 79 Senators supported it, while 18 opposed it.

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According to the BBC, Republican Senator Marco Rubio stated that it was terribly short-sighted to enable the Chinese Communist Party to dominate one of America’s most popular apps for years. “A new law will oblige its Chinese owner to sell the app. This is a positive step for America.”

TikTok intends to respond to the US’s decision with legal action of its own. “We believe the facts and the law are clearly on our side, and we will ultimately prevail,” the company stated. “The truth is that we have invested billions of dollars to keep US data secure and our platform free of outside influence and manipulation. This ban would decimate seven million enterprises and silence 170 million Americans. As a result, an effective ban on TikTok will likely take much longer to implement than Biden envisions. Experts told the BBC that the lawsuit may take years to reach the Supreme Court.

The deadline for selling TikTok is January 19, 2025.