Kobe Bryant’s 2000 NBA Finals ring was sold at an auction for a record price. On Saturday (March 30), Goldin revealed that the prized ring bling was sold for $927,000.

“A 2000 Lakers Championship Players Ring, gifted by Kobe to his father Joe, has sold in our March Elite,” the collectibles marketplace announced in a statement. “This is the same ring originally consigned to Goldin by the Bryant Family in 2013, & the new owner (NOT Joe Bryant) is our consignor.”

According to Bleacher Report, Bill Russell’s first title ring held the previous record. Russell earned the ring in 1957, and in 2021, the icon’s ring sold for $705,000 at auction. At the turn of the millennium, Kobe Bryant secured his ring. Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal led the Los Angeles Lakers to their championship victory over the Indiana Pacers.

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In late March, it was discovered that the ring had been listed for auction on Goldin. The title of the item was “2000 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers NBA Championship Ring 14K-40 Diamonds—Laker Issued Player Ring Gifted by Kobe to Joe Bryant—Pam Bryant LOA.” At the time, the top offer for the renowned memorabilia was $141,000, with the starting bid being $30,000.

After winning the NBA Finals, the All-Star commissioned the bling as a gift for his parents. According to Sports Illustrated, Bryant’s parents discussed selling their son’s replica ring and other memorabilia as early as 2013. The decision infamously irritated Kobe, causing a growing schism between Bryant and his parents. When Kobe discovered that his parents were selling his items through Goldin, he filed a lawsuit.

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ESPN claimed that the lawsuit was eventually settled that same year. The settlement included an arrangement that allowed only 10% of Bryant’s items, including the ring, to be sold on the marketplace. His parents subsequently issued a statement to the sports site, apologizing for attempting to sell all of his items.

“We regret our actions and statements regarding the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia,” Joe and Pamela Bryant said. “We apologize for any misunderstanding and inadvertent hurt we have given our son, and we appreciate his financial assistance over the years. We also apologize to Goldin Auctions for their unintended involvement in this affair and appreciate their assistance.”

Cam’ron and Ma$e previously speculated on why Kobe Bryant’s parents were auctioning off his championship ring. During a March episode of Is What It Is, the Harlemites discussed how the late icon’s strained relationship with his parents was a major catalyst.

“History has shown a little bit that Kobe and his parents weren’t on the best of terms, because of their relationship,” Ma$e said in an interview. “I believe that could be part of the reason they are selling the ring. Your family can occasionally treat you the worst; it could even be worse than what you get on the street.”

Cam shared his co-host’s assumptions. He speculated that the famed basketball player’s difficult relationship with his mother and father could be the most evident cause. Cam then described how Vanessa remained faithful to Kobe despite his apparent infidelity.

“Like Mo said, everybody knows Kobe wasn’t f**king with his parents because his parents weren’t f**king with Vanessa,” he continued. “He met Vanessa at a young age. They told him, ‘You’re bugging out, you don’t need to date this girl. You’re going to meet 100 girls. He went against his parents’ wishes, met Vanessa, and eventually married her.

“[She] was never caught cheating.” “Kobe got caught cheating, and she didn’t leave,” he said. “She coulda [gotten] divorced and got half of it, but she stuck with him.”