Nicki Minaj was left stunned when she realized her ‘whole boob’ had fallen out on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Not exactly the ideal location for a wardrobe malfunction, is it?

The sad occurrence occurred while Minaj was on stage at the Kia Center in Orlando during her Pink Friday 2 tour, which is presently touring the United States before moving on to Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Minaj thrilled the audience with a variety of her songs, and during her 2014 single ‘The Night Is Still Young,’ she began passing the microphone around to give her fans a chance in the spotlight.

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Nicki Minaj was not happy with her fans when she had a wardrobe malfunction in Florida 😮 #nickiminaj #gagcity #pinkfriday2

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Minaj was dressed in a silky yellow dress with a baseball-style jacket over the top while on stage, however her dress looked to fail her when she bent forwards to hand the mic to a fan and was distracted by another fan using their phone.

“Put down your phone and live in the moment,” she advised the enthusiast.

However, she did not know that the strap of her dress had slipped down in the meanwhile.

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In an Instagram video, the ‘Super Freaky Girl’ singer appears to be unconcerned with her wardrobe malfunction until immediately realizing the predicament.

“Oh my God, my boob,” the singer said.

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Her face turned shocked as she appeared to tuck her bosom back into her dress, before scolding her admirers for not warning her sooner.

“Meanwhile my boob is out and no one f*king told me,” Minaj was quoted as saying. “Thank you, Barbz. “My entire boob was out!”

“That’s what I get for talking about people.”

Minaj continued to walk towards her band, adding, “I’m not doing this tonight.” “I’m not playing with you.”

Though Minaj was visibly upset over the nip-slip, fans continued to demonstrate their unshakable support by cheering and clapping for the singer.

Fans also applauded Minaj online after the video was posted, with some calling her reply ‘hilarious’.

The incident occurred after Minaj was forced to cancel one of her gigs in New Orleans last week due to sickness.

The singer plans to make up the date later, but first she’ll perform in Charlotte, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York after the release of her Pink Friday 2 album in December.