Almost all of the press surrounding Young Thug over the last two years has revolved around the YSL RICO indictment.

In May 2022, the rap superstar’s label YSL was slammed with a major indictment charging gang activity, among other offenses. Fans have eagerly watched the trial, which implicates various rap music figures and has consistently made headline news. Last year, Gunna, the second most well-known of those arrested, agreed to a plea deal to avoid trial. He was heavily chastised for the decision after it was revealed that he had to testify as a condition of his parole.

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However, this is not Young Thug’s only ongoing legal struggle. Despite the fact that his RICO trial is still ongoing, AEG is pursuing a $5 million lawsuit against the rapper for breach of contract. The RICO trial has posed a substantial hurdle to AEG’s civil court filings, and it is predicted that the case will continue into 2025. Meanwhile, AEG is attempting to prove that YSL misrepresented their finances when they signed a $5 million promotional contract in 2017. They argue that the label intentionally signed the arrangement without having the financial worth to pay it back.

In recent weeks, numerous viral films have circulated, demonstrating how the YSL RICO trial has progressed. One showed a heated argument between attorneys that had to be stopped by court security. Another showed one of the state’s witnesses admitting that he was so high on the stand that he almost fell asleep.

Another film showed a witness exploding in front of the entire courtroom after being repeatedly given precisely identical questions. The trial has already seen dozens of witnesses. Dozens more are expected to be called in the coming months.