A handful of celebrities were photographed wearing red pins to support Palestinians at Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony, causing outrage among many social media users.

The pins, which featured a black heart inside a red hand, were worn to support Artists4Ceasefire, a group of celebrities who oppose Israel’s war with the terrorist group Hamas. Celebrities who wore the pins included Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell, Ramy Youssef, Mahershala Ali, and Mark Ruffalo, among others.

“The pin symbolizes collective support for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, the release of all of the hostages and for the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza,” the militant group stated in a statement.

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Many social media users lambasted the celebrities who opted to wear these pins, with some suggesting that the emblem on the pin is linked to the 2000 Ramallah lynching of Israelis. In October 2000, a Palestinian mob killed two Israel Defense Forces reservists, Vadim Norzhich and Yosef Avrahami, in the city of Ramallah.

“Most celebrities wearing red pins don’t know that the image of red hands is associated with one horrific event imprinted on the minds of Israelis and Palestinians,” the account for the state of Israel, X, said. “Israelis were lynched in Ramallah in 2000. This symbolism is not coincidental.