Today in Cord Cutting Today for March 18, 2024 we take a look at some of the major stories in the area of cord cutting including: DIRECTV Makes Local ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC Channels Optional.

Is there a new film coming out that you want to see? Will you attend to your local movie theater or wait for it to be released on a streaming service such as Disney+, Max, or Paramount+, to name a few?

According to HarrisX’s IndieWire poll, you are not alone in hoping that it will be included with your streaming service subscription.

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According to the survey, only 34% of Americans prefer to view movies in cinemas, implying that two-thirds would wait to stream them.

Watching movies at home has become the preferred method, with at-home sound and video quality approaching that of a movie theater. Movie theaters are extremely expensive when you factor in both admission pricing and the cost of food and beverages.

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Americans appear to be content to wait for movies to become available on streaming services. The question today is whether anything can turn the tide of at-home streaming.

Another challenge that movie theaters are dealing with is an increasing number of films being streamed directly to consumers.