Logan Paul has stated on his podcast that he turned down a bout with Mike Tyson. “He is too old. “He is senile,” Paul reasoned.

The announcement comes just under a week after Netflix revealed that Logan’s brother Jake will fight Tyson in July. Interestingly, Jake Paul has previously expressed a desire not to fight Tyson. “Look, I am confident, but not dumb. I would not enter the ring with them. “Nah, no chance,” the then-2-0 boxer told TMZ in 2020.

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“Mike Tyson is one of boxing’s most iconic figures, and Jake Paul is one of its most disruptive. On Saturday, July 20, there will be pure drama in the ring in Texas. We are excited to collaborate with Most Valuable Promotions on this historic event, and we can’t wait for these two to compete for fans all across the world on Netflix,” said Gabe Spitzer, VP of Sports Nonfiction at Netflix. The event will be the streaming giant’s latest sports offering. There was once a Netflix Slam for tennis and a Netflix Cup for an F1/PGA crossover.

Logan recently opened up on his podcast to John Cena about the emotional impact of the Rock’s decision to dismiss him. “I realized I had let my family down. I knew I had let my fans down. But letting my idol down? “That really hurt,” Paul explained, his voice full of emotion. What hurt even more, Paul claimed, was that the duo had been close previous to The Rock’s release, and Paul regarded the wrestler and actor to be a true acquaintance.

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Paul claims that The Rock dropped him because of his infamous 2017 Japan vlog. Paul and his companions, who were traveling across Japan, decided to visit and film at Aokigahara, widely known as the “Suicide Forest” because of the high number of suicides there. Paul filmed a recently deceased guy, whom he and his friends encountered, for his vlog, which was uploaded to his YouTube account. While Paul had been controversial before the video, the vlog was one of the first instances that established him as one of the site’s most divisive creators. According to what Paul has said, it appears to have cost him a relationship with one of his heroes.