Eminem shakes things up in the music video for “Doomsday Pt. 2,” which features the rap veteran unleashing havoc alongside a few of today’s most acclaimed lyricists.

Cole Bennett directed the video, which shows the self-proclaimed “Rap God” strolling the halls of an office while various lighting fixtures collapse and break. Em, dressed in a black button shirt, yellow tie, and black and yellow Jordan IVs, appears briefly behind the curtain before returning to the finish of the video.

A number of the 8 Mile legend’s mentees and colleagues make additional appearances, including Big Sean, Swae Lee, JID, Cordae, Babytron, Denzel Curry, and others. The “Doomsday 2” music video was released on Wednesday (March 13), coinciding with the annual 313 Day celebration in Em’s hometown, Detroit.

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Slim Shady’s “Doomsday Pt. 2,” which was released in January as part of Lyrical Lemonade’s All Is Yellow album, pokes fun at his longstanding foe Benzino’s physical appearance.

“Now I have a puzzle, one condition: don’t laugh. What is the inverse of Benzino? A giraffe. Go at his neck. How the f**k is that? How can I go after what he doesn’t have? The 51-year-old rapper says his arm is so short that he can’t even touch his hands.

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He then emphasizes the Boston native’s recent spate of financial difficulties, rhyming, “Sorry, I don’t mean (What?) to upset you, Ben’/ When I talk about all the debt you’re in,” among other barbs. Eminem’s mention of Benzino spurred the writer to reply with a pair of diss recordings, starting with “Vulturious” and continuing to lash out at the Grammy Award winner with “Rap Elvis.”

However, during an appearance on Drink Champs in February, Benzino, who appeared to be inebriated, claimed to no longer have any animosity for Eminem. I don’t have anything against Eminem. “He can rap, but I’m more concerned about us,” the 58-year-old added.

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“I don’t want to talk about it anymore. [Coi Leray] entered the industry thinking, ‘I gotta be cool with Eminem because everybody is against my dad.’ I don’t hate Eminem. I don’t know him enough to dislike him. I don’t dislike white people, but I’m weary of this nonsense, man. It’s simply too much. I do not want to be the evil guy…Eminem isn’t a bad person. He belongs in hip hop. There’s a major racial problem in America right now, and Eminem could probably stop half of it.”

View Benzino’s Drink Champs interview below.