TikTok has grown in popularity since its introduction, to the point where other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have been inspired by their short-form content format.

TikTok, on the other hand, appears to be heading for a photo-centric future, similar to other existing apps.

This was discovered by a blogger who thoroughly examined the app’s APK.

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On March 11, TheSpAndroid discovered a new ‘TikTok Photos’ platform in the most recent accessible version (33.8.4).

While photographs are already available on the video-sharing platform, in a slideshow style, this evidence suggests a shift to an entirely new and different app, appropriately named ‘TikTok photographs.’

The code revealed by the Android-focused website includes lines such as ‘your post has been shared to TikTok Photos’ and’reach other like-minded folks who appreciate photo postings.’

More text strings were discovered: ‘TikTok Photos will be released soon, and we want to help you reach new audiences with the new app.

‘If the switch is turned on, we will sync your public photos to the new app whether you close the pop-up or not.’

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Although the data indicates an imminent release, the Chinese-based social media platform has yet to confirm or reveal any details about a new app or image-related functionality.

Over 170 million users may soon be banned from TikTok.
The app’s founder has greater things on their mind this week, as the House of Representatives votes today (March 13) on TikTok’s future in the United States.

Concerned about data and privacy risks, this vote marks the first step toward outright banning the app.

If enacted, the Bill will need Senate approval and Joe Biden’s signature. The creators of Bytedance will then have six months to divest themselves.