Last Monday, the FCC authorized Starlink’s request to use the “E-band” for its second-generation network. This step will enable SpaceX’s Starlink home Internet service to deliver higher speeds and better performance.

This is based on an authorized FCC filing for 2022, which authorizes SpaceX to launch 7,500 second-generation Starlink satellites.

According to SpaceX, the E-band spectrum will increase its capacity to serve the growing number of users who want to view movies, play video games, and surf the web via Starlink.

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These new second-generation satellites have more powerful antennas, and SpaceX claims that the E-band will be capable of handling four times as much data per satellite.

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These enhancements should allow SpaceX to maintain high data speeds even during peak usage, which would otherwise slow down the networks.

The other major improvement is lower latency, which will only be evident to gamers.

SpaceX has also recently released an upgraded receiver dish for customers, which should increase reception and performance.