Apple is developing a new campaign type in which advertisers enter their budget, cost-per-acquisition target, as well as the audiences and countries they wish to reach.

The program, which is based on artificial intelligence (AI), then calculates the optimum placements for the brand’s advertisements across its four possible formats using automation.

According to Business Insider, the advertising formats include two types of ads: in the search tab and on the search results page.

AI-automated advertising formats include “You might also like” adverts on app product pages and those that display on the “Today” tab when users first open the App Store.

The formats that automatically decide where to distribute advertising in the App Store are being tested with a small number of advertisers.

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The study compares the technology to Google’s Performance Max and Meta’s Advantage+, but does not include Microsoft’s Performance Max. It also just cites one location for the adverts, rather than several options. The platforms—Google and Microsoft—provide brands with a variety of media alternatives.

According to the report, Apple has informed advertisers that the tests are being conducted to learn how to improve the performance of its Apple Search Ads, but one source familiar with the matter believes the company will officially introduce the new product in the coming months.

Apple, like Google, might create an advertising-supported plan for Apple TV+ that includes AI-powered automation.

According to reports, the corporation aims to include advertisements into its streaming platform. A group of recent appointments could expand the platform.

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According to Business Insider, Joseph Cady, who previously served as NBCUniversal’s executive vice president of advanced advertising and partnerships, has joined Apple, and the business has also hired a few more professionals with video advertising experience from NBCU, Peacock, and FanDuel.

Cady will work closely with Winston Crawford, who became Apple’s head of worldwide ad sales in September. Crawford will lead the team that supports the Apple TV+ streamer and other Apple products.