Joe Biden is going all out to ensure that his State of the Union address resonates with Americans… ‘cuz he’s receiving advice from former Presidents — albeit fictitious ones!

POTUS shared this video Thursday before of his State of the Union address later this evening, in which he zooms in on a group of actors who have played presidents in film or television roles — and yes, he has some major names chatting with him.

Morgan Freeman, who played President Tom Beck in “Deep Impact” and President Trumbull in “Angel Has Fallen,” reflected on his character’s experience dealing with a looming meteor danger, stating that during the crisis, people found solace in his message of optimism.

Bill Pullman, well known for his portrayal of President Thomas J. Whitmore in the 1996 film “Independence Day,” reflects on his character’s war against extraterrestrial invaders, remarking that fear and turmoil brought people together.

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Tony Goldwyn, who played President Fitzgerald Grant III in “Scandal,” admitted that his character acted horribly in office. But here’s the kicker: he informed Joe that if he simply told the people that they had made him a better guy, they’d eat it up.

Michael Douglas, meantime, had some heartbreaking advice to offer… emphasizing that love and compassion are strengths, not flaws, and urging Biden to use his first lady, Jill, to his advantage. He portrayed President Andrew Shepherd in “The American President.”

Geena Davis, best known for her role as President Mackenzie Allen in the television series “Commander In Chief,” claimed that every week her character faced a new crisis, and the most important lesson she learnt was that there is no crying in politics.

JB was definitely thrilled by GD’s portrayal, saying she did an excellent job. And, with a sense of humor, he stated his wish that his politics would not make anyone else cry. The one prominent actor he was missing from the list was undoubtedly Martin Sheen… ‘West Wing’ anyone?

In any case, great remarks from fictitious presidents indeed!