Given the current charges against Diddy, which some believe are similar to the Jeffrey Epstein case, many people are uncovering old footage and attaching this terrible context to it.

For example, internet sleuths discovered a video of him talking with Birdman while they exchange flowers for their completed or current pathways to music mogul status. Not only that, but near the end of the video, Sean Combs places his lips on Stunna’s head, which sparked a lot of discussion. Unfortunately, the homophobia overshadowed the actual debate of power relations and the repercussions of such incidents and interactions.

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As of the publishing of this article, the Cash Money executive had not yet responded to this new conversation. Furthermore, numerous celebrities are standing up for Sean Combs in this matter. “It’s another Black man in this industry going through some unfortunate circumstances,” Ja Rule told Piers Morgan about Diddy. “I wish him well with what he’s going through, and if there are any victims in this. I can’t comment on stuff I don’t know about, Piers, but I wish everyone love.

“It’s a very unfortunate thing for the victims of these situations, and for the people who are also being accused of these situations,” Ja Rule said of the allegations against Diddy. “I believe in justice, and I believe that punishment should match the crime. If someone are guilty of the things they are saying, they should be imprisoned. However, I believe that if people lie about these things, they should be taken to court, tried, and imprisoned.” Check out the fan reaction to Bad Boy MC kissing Birdman below.

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