Blac Chyna and rapper Tyga engaged in a legal battle last year over custody of their 11-year-old kid.

While a formal custody agreement was struck, Chyna is now pursuing additional court action against Tyga for allegedly failing to comply with the financial disclosures required to obtain a child support order.

According to court records obtained by Radar Online, Chyna, actual name Angela White, has asked the court to compel Tyga to disclose information about his financial position. She has requested the documentation and information required to calculate child support payments, as well as information about holiday schedules and attorney fees.

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Chyna is requesting $15,000 in fines against Tyga for allegedly refusing to give the appropriate financial details. Despite negotiating a custody and visitation arrangement in December, Chyna alleges that the lack of orders for holiday scheduling, child support, and attorney fees requires Tyga to disclose financial information.

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In her court brief, Chyna accuses Tyga of hindering the discovery process and failing to submit essential papers in his possession and control. She claims that these documents are essential for preparation for impending legal actions, such as hearings and a possible trial or settlement.

The conflict between Chyna and Tyga exemplifies the intricacies and obstacles that often arise in co-parenting situations, particularly when money is involved. While the former couple had previously reached an agreement on custody and visitation, persistent concerns with child support and other financial commitments have resulted in new court proceedings.

As the court processes progress, both parties will most likely be expected to present the requisite documentation and proof to support their respective claims.