Sean Garinger of “16 and Pregnant” has perished in a tragic freak accident involving an ATV, and it appears that the elements may be to blame.

The reality star, who starred in Season 6 of the iconic MTV show that aired during the epidemic, died late last month at his home in North Carolina while doing a routine parking job, according to his mother, Mary, who talked with The Sun.

The explanation of what occurred here is completely terrible — Mary tells that Sean was simply transferring one of their ATVs from one parking area on their property to another so that she could bring her own car in… and while he was driving, the ground beneath gave way.

Mary claims the ground’s foundation had degraded owing to mud and rain, and when it fell in from under him, the ATV he was riding flipped, pinning him. She claims it made contact with his head, crushing his skull.

She goes on to explain that she attempted phoning for help to lift the ATV off of him, but when she returned to check on him, she saw he wasn’t responding anymore.

Mary claims she lay next to her son until an ambulance arrived, adding, “A large part of my heart perished with my kid on Wednesday. He was my only son, my pillar of strength when I had none left.”

Sean and his former, Selena Gutierrez, who also participated on the show, have two small children together. She does not appear to have addressed his demise yet.

He was only twenty.