YouTube’s creator channel received a new design this week, as the site revamped the homepage on smart TVs to make finding new content and subscribing to channels easier.

The new design seeks to provide a better streaming experience for YouTube viewers on their televisions. The layout has a more “modernized” structure that allows viewers to watch a variety of relevant films. It also makes action buttons, such as subscribe, stand out more, making them easier to click and helping producers develop their channels. You can see a preview of the modifications in a short YouTube movie here.

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YouTube aims to create a “living room experience for creators and viewers” that is unique to the site. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan stated that the number of top creators who receive the majority of their views through TV screens has surged by more than 400% in the last three years. According to Mohan, consumers worldwide watch more than 1 billion hours of YouTube material on their televisions each day. A Nielsen statistic released this month shows YouTube as the top streaming platform for the 12th consecutive month.

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The new layout went live this week, allowing YouTube users to see the most relevant content based on their viewing patterns on the creator’s channel page. This format is now available to all creators. However, YouTube stated that the new channel homepage design may take several weeks to appear for all audiences. The new style is currently available on the smart TV app’s creator channels pages but has not yet been released for mobile devices.

Last October, the platform introduced three dozen new features, including a vertical menu on the YouTube smart TV app that displays comments, video descriptions, and the subscribe button. It also included voice search options in the search box and expanded thumbnails.