Kanye West has always attempted to push boundaries in the fashion sector. Throughout his life, he has worn a variety of odd clothes.

This has been particularly true in the world of sneakers. Although he has had a lot of success selling shoes, there is no denying that many of his footwear have been torched by admirers. These days, however, it is his wife Bianca Censori who bears the brunt of the responsibility. This is because Ye dresses her in some extremely strange and exposing clothing that are inappropriate for civilized society.

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Regardless, Ye still manages to amaze us with whatever he wears. A nice illustration of this is shown in the video below. This unearthed tape, provided by DJ Kam Bennett, shows Ye wearing jeans. Jeans are nothing new to Ye. Fans were surprised by how high he fashioned them this time. As you can see at the end of the video, the rapper is not wearing underpants. While some people do this with sweatpants, relatively few do so with something as unpleasant as jeans.

The answers and quote tweets below show how displeased some people were with Ye’s new look. Some claimed it was poor hygiene, while others were simply upset that he would do such a thing. These days, nothing should surprise Kanye. He is continuously developing and attempting new things, regardless of whether his fans would approve of them.