Bob Marley: One Love, the widely awaited movie about Bob Marley’s life and legacy, is progressively receiving positive reviews.

In honor of the film, eco-conscious audio manufacturer House Of Marley has teamed with Marley’s family to offer extremely limited-edition turntables for collectors to enjoy.

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The new Stir It Up Wireless turntables, the brand’s hallmark Bluetooth record players, have the movie title and particular product number laser-etched onto the bamboo plinth. There will only be 250 turntables created for this release, and each will include a certificate of authenticity.

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Furthermore, the special turntables were specifically developed to respect Bob Marley’s and House Of Marley’s mission to provide a sustainable alternative in the music business, as they are all made of solid bamboo and environmentally friendly materials.

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“Audiences will see an intimate portrait of my father’s life – an incredible journey of overcoming adversity and creating innovative music. “It’s a rare opportunity to gain insight into Bob Marley’s creative genius,” said Ziggy Marley, one of the collab’s producers and Bob Marley’s son, in a press statement.

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He also mentioned how seamless the process was, saying, “House of Marley’s Limited Edition turntable echoes Bob’s principles, creating a haven for fans to immerse themselves in an album from start to finish.” It becomes a physical extension of Bob Marley’s voyage, perfectly matching the cinematic inquiry. When you listen to vinyl, the quality and warmth you feel are completely different.