Travis Kelce has had a slew of professional benefits since dating Taylor Swift, but it hasn’t all been sunshine and butterflies… the superstar TE was forced to relocate because enthusiastic fans camped out in front of his home.

Kelce’s older brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, told the story on “The Big Podcast with Shaq” this week… after The Big Fella asked the future Hall of celebrity center about their newfound celebrity after Trav and T.S. hooked up.

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“It’s incredible how much opportunity it creates. “It’s insane to feel how much joy you bring people or how much you influence people’s daily lives,” Jason told the NBA legend.

Kelce went on, “It has drawbacks, for sure, and Travis knows more than I do.”

That’s when the 7-time Pro Bowler explained why Travis upgraded residences last October (he moved into a $6 million, 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 16,000-square-foot property), claiming that fans who weren’t invited were physically camping outside his house, compelling him to relocate.

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“He had to completely move out of his house,” Jason told me. “People were just staying by his house.”

Unfortunately, even the new location with increased security measures was insufficient.

“The first day he moved into the new house, in a gated community, somebody knocks on the back window of the house.”

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Fortunately, no one appears to have intended to hurt them… but it’s evident the Kelce family is still adjusting to their newfound celebrity outside of the NFL.

“The Taylor World and the pop culture world are on a very different level. “It’s a new demographic that didn’t exist before,” Jason explained.

Unfortunately, Taylor is no stranger to overzealous fans. She’s dealt with over a dozen stalkers, the most recent of whom was a man named David Crowe, who repeatedly showed up at her New York City apartment despite being arrested.

Shaq, one of the most known celebrities for decades, did offer the Kelce family some advice: be righteous and always watch your back.