According to research and analytics firm TVision, 34% of the millions of Americans who watched the Super Bowl did so via streaming.

Last year, TVision reported that 28% of spectators streamed the big game.

The data demonstrate how audiences are switching from traditional broadcast and cable to streaming, especially for major sporting events.

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According to Nielsen’s final count, last year’s game had 115.1 million total viewers. iSpot.TV put the total at more than 118 million.

TVision also tracked how much attention viewers paid when Taylor Swift appeared on the screen to cheer for her boyfriend, Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce.

Female viewers’ attention index was 126 when Swift was on screen, vs 117 when she wasn’t.

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Men’s attention increased to 128 when Swift was on screen, up from 119 without Taylor.

T-Mobile’s Super Bowl advertisement was the most effective at keeping viewers’ attention on the screen.

Other top-performing advertisements included Dunkin’ Donuts, Hellman’s, Uber Eats, and Door Dash.