When discussing Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey on Club Shay Shay, Mo’Nique didn’t hold back.

She said that the two were to blame for her being “blackballed” in the film industry. The conflict and blackballing are said to have started in 2009 and 2010, when Mo’Nique declined to promote Precious for free and left out director Lee Daniels, actress Tracy Reese, and Perry from her 2010 Oscar speech. Moreover, Mo’Nique asserted that she possesses a tape recording in which Perry acknowledges that he is the one who first spread the word that she is challenging to deal with.

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Mo’Nique, meanwhile, maintained that Oprah had repeatedly “overstepped” by, for example, bringing her brother Gerald—a sexual abuser—on to her talk program. Moreover, Oprah allegedly “stolen” at least two of Mo’Nique’s film parts, both of which were in Lee Daniels productions. The roles that Mo’Nique was supposed to play—Gloria Gaynes in The Butler and Richard Pryor’s grandmother in a soon-to-be-released biopic—went to Oprah.

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The interview wasn’t all tea, though. Additionally, Mo’Nique disclosed the kind of woman she hopes to see host Shannon Sharpe go on a date. Shannon requires an elderly, overweight woman. Someone skilled in cake decorating. Someone who can rub his feet at night and create a covered turkey. There’s no need for a 26-year-old girl. A thirty-six-year-old girl is not necessary. Your aunt is speaking to you now. Mo’Nique said to an extremely amused Sharpe, “Take your ass and go get yourself an old b-tch out there.”

Naturally, Sharpe’s dating history comes up in all of his media endeavors. When Sharpe first declared his desire for a “sinner” in November 2023, he named pornographic actress Miss B. Nasty in particular. Disappointedly, Chad Johnson replied, “I don’t want nobody who is walking the straight and narrow,” to which Sharpe continued. Sharpe has always been the kind of person who shrinks from overt sexuality when it is given to him, so it is definitely a surprising response. Most recently, he seemed unclear about whether he would help his partner maintain an account on OnlyFans.