The assassin of Selena Quintanilla will speak up about the singer’s passing thirty years later.

Oxygen debuted a brand-new True Crime series on Sunday, February 4, titled Selena and Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them. The show centers on Yolanda Saldivar, the murderer, and the reasons behind her acts.

In the video, an elderly Saldivar says that Quintanilla’s tragic death is something that “people deserve to know the truth” about. Furthermore, she maintains that the case involves more than just a “simple murder.” In the teaser, Salvidar maintains, “My family gathered the evidence, showed different versions of what was going on.” “I believe people should know the truth, and I knew her secrets.”

According to Oxygen, the notorious killing was “tragic” and “sent shockwaves through the world.” With the episodic docuseries, the network hopes to delve into the “secrets between the two women.” According to an official press release for the episode, “Yolanda Saldivar is speaking out from the Texas prison where she’s been incarcerated for nearly 30 years.”

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Saldivar describes her friendship and professional relationship with Selena in a series of in-depth interviews conducted from prison, and she’s not the only one. Members of Yolanda’s family talk about the two women for the first time and offer previously undisclosed records and documents to try and prove there was more to the tragedy than the general public is aware of.

On Saturday, February 17 at 8 PM EST, and Sunday, February 18 at 7 PM EST, Selena and Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them will debut in back-to-back episodes on Oxygen True Crime.

Yolanda Saldivar was the fan club president for Selena before. But when it was revealed that she had embezzled $30,000 in fan club dues, she lost her job. Selena then consented to meet with Saldivar at a Days Inn Motel to go over the next course of action and gather any unaccounted-for tax documentation. The Latin star was shot and killed by Saldivar after he pulled a revolver on her in the hotel room. Her age was twenty-three.