Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift pushed against one other at the 2024 Grammys, generating a stir on social media.

If you’re a fan of the ‘One Kiss’ musician or a die-hard Swiftie, today is your lucky day.

Viewers of the 66th Annual Grammy Awards have already taken to social media to examine Swift’s contact with Céline Dion and the possible deeper significance behind her attire, and it appears they have now moved on to the moment she walked by her ex Harris.

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Swift attended the awards ceremony on Sunday (4 February) and won ‘Album of the Year’ for her album Midnights.

She was also mentioned by host Trevor Noah, who chastised NFL fans for their behavior of Swift – the pop star was booed when she went to support her new boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, during a game.

Her previous romances were also brought up, with Grammy fans taking to social media to react on the moment Swift went by her ex-partner Harris.

As Noah pointed out Swift to the rest of the crowd, “Look at this: I say their names, and they pop out” – the ‘Blank Space’ singer was seen wandering around the tables to find her seat.

And who should she end up strolling past but her former lover Harris?

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Unlike Swift, who writes songs about all of her ex-partners, Harris appeared unconcerned about seeing his former lover, simply turning around to glance at Swift and her entourage before applauding – as he presumably would for anyone.

Some viewers seemed surprised by his reaction. Watch the moment for yourself below:

People took to social media to discuss Harris’ response to meeting his ex.

One X – now known as Twitter – user commented, “Wait what he was clapping.”

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“Omg, Calvin Harris is now clapping!!!,” a TikToker wrote.

Another commented, “Her ex Calvin Harris clapped, which was surprising.”

A fourth commented, “Did I just see Calvin Harris clapping when she walked in?”

And a last Facebook user just concluded: “Taylor has so many exes, this has to be a normal occurrence and not newsworthy!”