Anthony Anderson may no longer be performing his own stunts.

The actor posted a photo of his injuries on Instagram on Thursday. The actor was hurt while filming the next movie “G20” in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 53-year-old Anderson wrote, “I spent the night in the emergency room,” as the caption for a picture of himself smiling and making the peace sign while laying on a stretcher. “A battle in a movie that goes bad. Me versus a chair and two goons! Who did not win, you ask?

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The current Emmy Awards host acknowledged he didn’t break any bones but wouldn’t elaborate on the nature of the injury.

“A stuntman is unnecessary. That would be me! He wrote, “I’m not as young as I used to be.” “My back appears to be deeply contused rather than fractured or broken, as revealed by the CT scan and X-ray. However, that chair will never be the same! Bent and bloodied, but never shattered!”

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“Black-ish” co-star Tracee Ellis Ross, who was once Anderson’s on-screen spouse, expressed her concern and best wishes.

“You are not a rubber object. I’m so happy you’re okay,” she said.

The impact of a blunt item striking the body can cause contusions. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons states that direct blows or repeated blows crush the underlying muscle fibers and connective tissue without rupturing the skin.

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Anderson revealed the object that caused his injuries in a follow-up post: a chair with black and yellow upholstery.

The shot was captioned, “Something about it is menacing!” by him. “It mercilessly punched me in the kidneys and back! Today when I arrived on set, it was beaming at me! He had no idea that I have anything for that! He will learn something today!”

Actor-thriller “G20,” helmed by Patricia Riggen, is also slated to star Anderson’s old “Black-ish” co-star Marsai Martin alongside Antony Starr, Viola Davis, and Ramón Rodríguez.