Has the quality of the pictures slightly improved, in your opinion? You’re not crazy; YouTube TV has been attempting to enhance the quality of a few channels and provide members with a better 1080p experience.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the visual quality on some stations, like Start TV, has increased. A YouTube TV staff member verified this on Reddit, writing, “We made some changes to Start TV this week to improve quality.” We strive to continuously improve the quality of these platforms and take the input carefully.

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Additionally, YouTube TV’s 1080p Enhanced mode brings better 1080p visual quality to YouTube TV. Google has verified to Cord Cutters News that users of 4K-capable streaming devices will be able to access this new Enhanced 1080p60 on YouTube TV and Primetime Channel. This video will be the best quality that YouTube TV has to offer.

YouTube TV started testing better picture quality back in April 2023. Now that YouTube TV is up, you can notice a better image. Google developed the VP9 codec, which should allow any 4K device to support it to see higher bitrate HD images. The good news is that a lot of streaming devices, such as Rokus and Fire TVs, support VP9. Additionally, Google announced that it will be collaborating with the NFL to broadcast every league game in 1080p. This will involve upscaling some games from 720p to 1080p in addition to using the original 1080p feeds.

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However, YouTube TV is now delivering its enhanced 1080p content from YouTube to YouTube TV, which debuted on YouTube in August 2022 for other devices and April 2023 for mobile. With its sharper-than-smooth image, this enhanced 1080p version appears to be doing something similar to what YouTube is doing, particularly when it comes to sports streaming. Although YouTube TV has long promised greater bitrates, it appears that more devices, including the Apple TV, are starting to receive the service.