It’s looking like 2024 will be difficult for cable TV providers already. Numerous cable TV providers, including KPU in Alaska, have announced plans to discontinue service in 2024.

Others, such as Bailey Cable TV, abruptly shut down their business last year, depriving their clients of their TV and Internet access.

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More and more cable TV providers are finding it difficult to turn a profit on television.

Less than 60,000 people in Baltimore subscribe to cable TV, according to Laura Larsen, the city’s budget director. From the 106,000 subscribers it had in 2020, that represents a 44% decrease. About 247,000 households, or slightly more than 24% of all households, were in Baltimore as per the United States Census for 2022.

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Mid-Rivers Communications, a tiny cable TV provider, discontinued its operations a few weeks ago. “As more consumers turn to streaming video, the number of cable TV subscribers is sharply declining. Customers in every region of our service area rely significantly on us for phone and Internet services; cable TV is a favor that we have only offered to a select few in specific areas. Just 10% of the Cooperative’s current active customer connections are cable TV users. When we initially broke this story in June 2023, Mid-Rivers stated on their website that traditional cable television services are no longer a viable choice for rural towns.

The majority of cable TV businesses have had trouble finding buyers, but Spectrum has apparently acquired a small number of them, primarily for their Internet clientele. Most have been allowed to gradually disappear.

Cord Cutters News has been informed by a number of industry experts that 2024 will be difficult for tiny cable TV operators. As they battle with cord cutting 2.0 and 5G home internet, we will probably witness an increase in the number of them discontinuing TV services or closing entirely in the coming year. How quickly and how many will shut down in 2024 is the topic at hand.