Patrick Mahomes is an inspiration to dad bods all over the world… because the NFL superstar delightfully defended his physique after a video of the shirtless quarterback went viral earlier this week.

The two-time Super Bowl champion’s appearance came under scrutiny after the NFL released video of the Chiefs’ locker room celebration following Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, with many pointing out Mahomes’ belly.

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While he isn’t overweight, some on social media seemed to expect him to be a little more shredded… given that he is one of the world’s greatest athletes.

The 28-year-old took it all in stride, even jokingly criticizing the NFL for putting the video up for public viewing.

“Yoooo why they have to do me like that!?!?!?,” Mahomes said on his Instagram. “🤣🤣🤣 #DadBodSZN”

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“Like i got kids!!!! @Chiefs @insidetheNFL @NFL 🤣🤣🤣”

Of course, Mahomes is a joyful father of two — a 2-year-old daughter, Sterling, and a 1-year-old son, Bronze, so there’s a strong chance he’s had to postpone some workouts to care for the kids.

Many admirers — most likely other dads — supported Mahomes’ dropped top look… and some pointed out that other heroes, such as Tom Brady and Eli Manning, had achieved success without looking Greek gods.

The Chiefs Kingdom probably doesn’t care about Mahomes’ weight as long as he continues to dominate on the football field.