After announcing last year that it will shut down most of its streaming apps for cable networks, Paramount has begun to do so.

We announced in December that Comedy Central, MTV, and Paramount Network would soon be closing. Paramount has already carried out our prediction and closed numerous well-known cable network apps.

Opening the applications now results in a notification saying the app has shut down and that you can no longer access Paramount content through them, even though they are still available in numerous app stores.

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For the time being, BET+ will remain a stand-alone streaming subscription service. Also, free material will still be available on the Smithsonian Channel app. Also, Broadcast TV content will still be available on the CBS app.

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Update: It looks like several gadgets, including the Apple TV and Roku, still support the BET app. Others, like Android, no longer offer it.

This action comes after Paramount informed users on December 14 that the Showtime Anytime app would be discontinued. Showtime material was combined with Paramount and added to the Paramount+ app, which may eventually lead to audiences being directed to the company’s subscription streaming service.

A person with knowledge of the situation said that the business closed the apps due to minimal acceptance and usage, with the majority of consumers still accessing the content via cable or video on demand.

By confirming their pay-TV membership, TV viewers can access Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Network’s content for free with these “TV everywhere” apps. The majority of cable TV providers did not have their own streaming applications available when they were first released. With their cable TV box, cable TV subscribers could access more programming when they weren’t at home thanks to apps like Comedy Central. This service is no longer required because the majority of cable companies now offer their own apps. Closing these apps will enable Paramount to reduce app maintenance expenses. Additionally, there might be less need for these apps in the future as more people switch to streaming services and fewer people subscribe to cable.