It’s possible that pirates took control of a UK police website.

Torrent Freak discovered an odd typeface on the department’s “opcc-maintenance” subdomain while investigating certain FOIA requests that were submitted to nearby police departments.

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The magazine also discovered “hundreds” of police URLs promoting illicit live broadcasts of sporting events that contained the “opcc-maintenance” domain. Torrent Freak was redirected by one link to an Australian Open link.

This occurs at the same time that the issue of illegal streaming is becoming worse due to the rising demand for live sports material and the abundance of streaming options accessible, all of which are becoming more expensive.

Because of these elements as well as the always changing technology that cybercriminals utilize, it is nearly hard for law enforcement, independent organizations, and government agencies worldwide to completely remove the issue.

To put things in perspective, The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, or ACE, removed dozens of domains earlier this week that were connected to illegal live football streaming websites. Additionally, the group moved over 150 domains and subdomains that were connected to thirty illicit football streaming websites back to its anti-piracy website.

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Even if the streams were effectively stopped, illicit IPTV operations are similar to the Hydra from Greek mythology in that if one head is removed, three more grow in its place.

The study states that information on Avon & Somerset Police was provided through their crime reporting system.

There was no quick response from the police agency.