Marlon Wayans does not agree with Katt Williams when it comes to Black men comedians wearing dresses in their work.

Weeks after Williams’ explosive interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay launched off 2024 with a bang, Wayans appeared on REAL 92.3’s radio show, Big Boy’s Neighborhood, and slammed Williams’ “toxic” comments about his peers wearing gowns.

“I’m tired of the rhetoric of, ‘Oh, you sold out in Hollywood ’cause you wore a dress,” Wayans stated around the 30-minute mark in the video above. “Negro, I wore an outfit named ‘White Chicks.’ Do you know what we did? “We performed a classic.”

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He was referring to a 2004 comedy in which he and his brother, Shawn Wayans, portrayed white women. Wayans went on to say, “Only Black people sit there and go, ‘Man, our brothers wearing dresses.'”

Wayans also noted the double standards, stating, “Oh, so white folks wear gowns… when Robin Williams wears a dress in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ he’s wonderful. When Tom Hanks wears a frock in Bosom Buddies, he is terrific. Right? Dustin Hoffman wins an Oscar for wearing a dress in Tootsie.

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“Black folks, the moment we put on a dress, we start tearing each other down. This is art; this is comedy. Do you think I’m going to tear down Flip Wilson? Do you think I’m going to criticize Tyler Perry? I’m not going to bring down any of these brothers. It is humor, and we should embrace all of it. We shouldn’t have just one style of humor. “We should embrace all of our humor.”

Wayans’ criticism came after he opened publicly about his transgender son. During an interview on The Breakfast Club last November, the comic went into great detail about his “painful” experience.

“I have a daughter that transitioned into a son,” Wayans remarked about the 14-minute point of the interview. “My daughter Amai is now Kai, and thus I discuss the change. My shift as a parent was from ignorance and denial to unconditional love and acceptance.

Dwyane Wade, whose eldest daughter, Zaya, is transgender, praised Wayans, who will appear next in a Jordan Peele-produced horror film.