Coachella tickets are still available five days after they went on sale, marking the festival’s worst sales in a decade.

Coachella tickets went on sale on Friday, January 19, 2024, and are still available five days later, for the first time in ten years.

Coachella tickets sold out in as little as 40 minutes (2015) to four hours (2022), according to SFGate schedules. Notably, 2023 had slowed, with tickets to Coachella’s first weekend (usually the more popular of the two) taking days to sell.

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This year has been even sluggish, raising concerns about the festival’s commercial viability. By Tuesday, January 23, ticket sales had slowed compared to the previous year. Tickets for the festival’s first weekend remain available at the second of three price categories.

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In an effort to overcome poor sales, the Coachella website now allows users to purchase up to eight tickets. In previous years, the event only permitted two tickets to be purchased simultaneously, essentially inviting music aficionados to take them.

This year’s lineup, which includes headliners Doja Cat, Tyler The Creator, Lana Del Rey, and a No Doubt reunion, may disappoint some fans. Last year, the promise of a rare Frank Ocean appearance (which didn’t pan out) wasn’t enough to pique interest. However, a lack of lineup anticipation does not always equate to a decline in festival ticket sales.

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Despite its status as one of the most popular yearly music events, Coachella may have its work cut out for it in 2024. Backstreet Boys, Janet Jackson, Usher, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and Alicia Keys headline this year’s Lovers & Friends event in Las Vegas, while Queen Latifah, Foo Fighters, Hozier, and Earth, Wind & Fire will perform at the Jazz & Heritage event in New Orleans.

Finally, only time will tell whether Coachella tickets sell out by the time the show begins in April.