Taraji P. Henson has been able to spark conversation among fans with her remarks about the pay gap that Black women experience in the entertainment industry during her press tour for The Color Purple.

Producer Oprah Winfrey has drawn a lot of criticism in the midst of the commotion, with many fans contending that she is to fault for the cast’s unequal compensation. Henson, however, claims that the debate has begun to overshadow the movie, which is centered around “sisterhood.”

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In response to the reports, she told Today.com, “I hope they can focus back onto this film.” “Because, at this moment, it seems to me that what I said is starting to overpower this lovely movie… She clarified, “And that’s not fair to myself or anyone else in the movie since it deals with repressed women who live in oppressive systems. both genders. and every character in that movie, excluding the Caucasians. That film is therefore about healing. The subject of that film is sisterhood.

During the interview, Henson also defended Oprah, pointing out that she had personally contacted to make sure her requirements were being addressed on set. Regarding allegations of a beef, she remarked, “I see what’s going on, but there’s nothing spin there.” You observed the female accompanying us on the electric slide in the dust. She performed the electric slide out there in the field, holding our hands the entire while. There are producers that fail to be on set, yet she was present.

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She went on, “You know, she called me, she called me personally.” “Not my group, not my people, just me, and said, ‘Taraji, please let me know if you need anything.'” With trembling, I replied, “Well, yeah,” since she had asked. After telling her, she had fixed everything the following day.