SpaceX’s Starlink has signed an agreement with Peplink to become the satellite internet service’s first “Authorized Technology Provider.

The agreement will combine Starlink’s Flat High-Performance Terminal, which is ideal for enterprises, boats, land mobility, and maritime applications, with Peplink’s SD-WAN (or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) routers. According to the business, these routers improve network agility and reduce costs.

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The combination of Starlink’s terminal with Peplink’s router will improve cost, speed, and reliability “in even the most daunting of physical conditions.”

According to Peplink, the team is first focused on the cruise liner business.

A big cruise ship was outfitted with multiple Starlink satellite terminals and multi-link aggregation routers, according to the business. As a result, Peplink claims it was able to “significantly increase reliability and speed of ship-board internet connections” while “significantly reducing operational costs” when compared to earlier internet solutions.

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“With Peplink technology, we achieved over 1 Gbps capacity with multiple Starlinks on the cruise ships, delivering seamless internet connectivity to passengers,” Chad Gibbs, Starlink’s vice president of business operations, stated.

This comes as Starlink has expanded its service over the last year. The company plans to introduce a tiny dish later this year. A new Standard terminal is also in development.

Starlink’s service became more accessible once the business abolished its waitlist earlier this year, but the high subscription and hardware costs may continue to prevent buyers.

Starlink’s current residential gear costs $599, without the $120-per-month membership. The Priority plan for enterprises costs up to $500 per month, while the Mobile Priority plan for boats, maritime, and land mobility costs up to $5,000 monthly. Both plans recommend the Flat High-Performance dish, which is $2,500.


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