Now, the last person you would anticipate saving your life in an automobile accident is professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. But one teen experienced precisely that.

As Hogan, his spouse Sky Daily, and a friend were traveling in Tampa, Florida, they saw an automobile accident.

Fans are in shock after Daily used social media to explain what had happened.

“We saw a car flip in front of us last night after we left dinner in Tampa,” she posted on Facebook on Monday, January 15.

“My husband @hulkhogan and our good friend @jakerask deserve a lot of praise for their quick thinking, puncturing the girl’s airbag, and removing her from the car.” It appears that she was only slightly shaken, not hurt, which is quite miraculous.

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The driver, a 17-year-old girl, attempted to cross lanes to make an exit that she was going to miss, but she clipped another car before entirely tipping over, according to TMZ.

Hogan sprung into action to save the teenager, as did his friend Jake Rask, who is thought to be a marine.

The famous wrestler wrote about the event on X as well, claiming that he used a pen he had on hand to pop the airbag.

He stated, “The crazy part about the teenager that flipped her car was that, thank God, everything is well even now, Amen HH, a ballpoint pen from Indian Rocks Christian came in really handy to pot the bags to get her out without a knife.”

The Tampa Police Department reportedly told NBC that the crash only caused minor injuries.

Since then, Hogan has been commended on social media for his quick thinking.

Think about being saved by the Hulkster! Very cool. God bless you, said one commenter.

“I would have asked, ‘What year is it?’ halfway through when I saw the Hulkster in a NWO shirt, giving me your hand, brother,” commented someone else.

That would have been absurd. Feeling like I’m going to die then.Referring to his well-known statement about the significance of saying one’s prayers and consuming vitamins, a third person remarked, “* I got you brother, I’ve taken my vitamins*.”

“May Jesus always be with you and your family, and may God bless you, Hulk. Another person said, “You were a hero to me growing up and never listen to any haters.”