Elon Musk has a great ability to elicit conversation, doesn’t he?

Whether it’s the numerous adjustments he’s made to Twitter (I mean X) since assuming leadership, or the discussion he had about AI developments with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

And now that Musk has unveiled the new range of Tesla robots, the internet is divided once more.

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You may wonder, nevertheless, what the robots’ concepts are. To engage with people and carry out different tasks, that is. See it in action by clicking the link below:

Musk revealed Optimus Gen 2, the company’s newest robot, which Fox News claims is lighter, faster, and smoother.

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“General purpose, bipedal, autonomous humanoid robot capable of performing unsafe, repetitive or boring tasks” is the company’s stated goal for these robots.

The new robot, which is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 121 pounds 22 lbs, may help humans in a variety of fields, such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and entertainment.

Furthermore, the robot’s 35 degrees of freedom allow it to move its joints in a variety of ways, giving it a more human-like appearance and gait.

Given that they have new hands, feet, necks, and bodies, they resemble humans much more.

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Compared to its predecessor, the hands’ 11 degrees of freedom, touch sensors, and quicker actuators provide more precision.

It appears even more important to fold garments neatly.

On Monday, January 15, Musk posted a video of the robot folding some clothing on X, the former Twitter platform.

I believe that many of us find routine tasks a little boring, thus it would be great to have a robot complete them for us.

Indeed, the Tesla robot’s actions have caused a great deal of division on the internet.

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Someone commented, saying, “This is amazing!!!” Although it’s not flawless, this is already far better than I could have imagined today!

More intriguingly, there are six Optimus in this video alone, and I’m sure there are many more that are not visible!

“The future is coming and it’s coming fast!”

Another person said, “Is he available to come do my laundry, lol?”

Some, nevertheless, had different opinions; one third party wrote: “Truly horrifying. Why are you constructing these?”

Another stated that because of how “slow” the robot was, they were “not as worried about Terminator” as they previously had been.

Musk commented that: “Important note: Optimus cannot yet do this autonomously, but certainly will be able to do this fully autonomously and in an arbitrary environment (won’t require a fixed table with box that has only one shirt).”